I have been to 6 of Robert’s charcoal drawing events. Each time I am more amazed than the one before. His teaching abilities, patience, kindness, sense of humor and his family are all a part of his excellence! Try it and you will be happy you did! AS 5-9-16

His was an amazing experience and I can not wait to do more. thanks Rob AM 3-8-16

Roberts instructions were easy and his down to earth attitude made the entire event fun and relaxing. I will definitely do this again with my daughter sometime. Great time spent together. And Barn 23 was a beautiful place to hold it. TK 3-8-16

Good morning. Thanks again for last night we had an absolute blast. I know your wife took some pretty awesome pictures I can’t wait to see them. KP 3-7-16

I really enjoyed myself and can’t wait to do it again!  LJ  3-7-16

Another fun night of drawing with charcoal. It was a great group and lots of laughter while creating our masterpieces!! Thanks,Robert Gorder, for a fantastic evening. CS 3-7-16

I have been to three of Roberts drawing events and I have been so pleased with all of them. He does a fantastic job of explaining the steps and today I brought my 11 and 13 year old along and he is amazing at helping the kids keep up (I think their pictures turned out better than mine). If you are even considering taking one of his classes you should do it…you I’ll be amazed with your picture!!             LL 2-21-16

My drawing turned out amazing with no prior charcoal experience!  LG 2-21-16

I was absolutely shocked when I found out that this is not something Rob has been doing his whole life. The talent that encompasses this man is unbelievable. I love that he can incorporate his ideas and meld them with others and provide the initiative to another person to create a masterpiece. It’s something that not everyone is born with, and he nailed it. Way to go, I will be doing many more. DB 2-10

Thank you Rob for a great experience in charcoal drawing. I was amazed at everyone’s drawings, especially those of us who thought we couldn’t draw. I am so looking forward to going to another class. CS 2-11-16

What a fun night! Met some fun people and Rob was even able to help me impress myself! Thanks for graduating me from stick people land!! You are the best Rob! PR 12-2-15

It was fun! Great group of people. Can’t wait for the next one!! RA 12-2-15

Thank you so much for a great evening! I hope you do some more classes in Madison and/or Middleton soon! LL 1-6-16

Just wanted to say thank you again for your lesson last night. We had such a great time! Please let me know if you are doing another one in the Madison area soon. Thanks, AS 1-7-16

The event we attended was amazing! The artist is funny and very accommodating for those who have even no experience! It’s crazy that even I (never have done any charcoal work) got something amazing to take home! I will do another class in the future! JK 2-2-16

You make it a great night! Thanks again Robert!  AS 2-4-16