Barn Flag Drawing Experience at Craftsman Table and Tap

The First Barn Flag Charcoal Drawing Experience is under the belt. Though it had it’s challenges with the stars which needed a degree of “winging it” all of the wonderful guests got through it. The Craftsman Table & Tap gave us a fantastic space with fantastic food and drinks. Thank you to all the Guests for joining me in teaching something I love. Charcoal Expressions LLC by Robert Gorder #letsgetdrawing #rethoughtdrawings

Drawing Event Con Amici – Iverson Bridge

I cannot express enough how enjoyable it is to help others create beautiful drawings on a regular basis. Con Amici Wine Bar in downtown Baraboo, Wisconsin creates a relaxing atmosphere that’s just easy to draw in. This night was filled with dirty hands good wine and great guests. I even had the honor of the owner of Con Amici Laura Hamdan-Krause draw with us. Thank you. #charcoalexpressions #letsgetdrawing Charcoal Expressions LLC by Robert Gorder

Fisher King Winery – Barrel Vines

From the time I walked in the door I knew this was going to be a fun night. Pink hair, wine, and ice chipping. What a great place to with great people. The night was full of tardiness due to Tiger Smith hair curling. For the record the transportation, Kayla Schult , was not at fault. New faces mixed with repeat guests made the night entertaining and Fun. Thank you to all the wonderful guests and a great venue. ‪#‎charcoalexpressions‬ ‪#‎letsgetdrawing‬

Watercolor Artist Group takes on Charcoal

Branching out from their normal watercolor painting these 17 ladies took on charcoal. Many of them had not drawn with charcoal at all or many years ago. They took a chance and invited me to their morning meeting to instruct them in drawing the Canoe picture. From the start of the experience I felt a sense of peace around these wonderful women. They were all so inviting, complimentary, wise, and fun. Walking around the room checking on their drawings I was in awe by the creativity of these women. From adding a moon, detail of the rocks and trees, and replacing the canoe with sand hill cranes or a row boat. This was such an honor and am looking forward to doing this again. Thank you. ‪#‎letsgetdrawing‬ ‪#‎charcoalexpressions‬

Con Amici – Birch Bird

Full House at Con Amici Wine Bar drawing the Birch Bird Drawing. A terrific group combined with a terrific Venue equals a terrific Drawing Experience with Charcoal Expressions. The night was full of new faces, great sense of humor, exceptional drawings, and good drinks. Thanks to all the Guests and Laura Hamdan-Krause. ‪#‎letsgetdrawing‬ ‪#‎charcoaldrawings‬ ‪#‎charcoalexpressions‬

Craftsman Table & Tap – Fence 3

The Fence 3 drawing is challenging and time consuming but the guests took on the challenge and their effort paid off. We had a wonderful time at The Craftsman Table & Tap last night. Not only were the guests fantastic, the room and staff at Craftsman Table & Tap made it even better. Thank you Jesse our server and bartender, Liz for giving me the opportunity to be welcomed into Middleton, and the guests for truly putting up with running late and taking on this drawing. Hope to see you soon. ‪#‎letsgetdrawing‬ ‪#‎charcoaldrawing‬ ‪#‎charcoalexpressions‬

Confessional Wine Bar – Stephens Falls

Dodgeville, Wisconsin has welcomed me well in past and this time was no exception. The Confessional Wine Bar opened it’s doors for Charcoal Expressions LLC by Robert Gorder once again. Many new faces combined with a few dedicated guests made for a evening of dirty fun. Thank you to all that came out to try and those that enjoy. #charcoalexpressions #letsgetdrawing