Mulligan’s in Oregon “Barn Flag” Drawing Experience

Mulligan’s in Oregon is always a great venue filled with great guests and great staff. The Barn Flag drawing clearly has its challenges with those 50 stars but all in all the Guests did a fantastic job. It was an honorable night being Amy Sickinger birthday and the two wonderful staff members of Mulligan’s got to draw after watching the last 6 months. Thanks Mulligan’s #letsgetdrawing

Wine Guyz “Barn Flag” Drawing Event La Crosse Wi

La Crosse Wisconsin’s Wine Guyz gave Charcoal Expressions LLC by Robert Gorder the the opportunity to show the guests that you can create beauty while getting a bit dirty. We had a great time drawing the “Barn Flag”. Wine Guyz is a spectacular venue with a great selection of drinks and food. The night was filled with laughter, concentration, creativity and of course dirtiness. Everyone did an outstanding job. Thanks you. #letsgetdrawing #charcoalexpressions #lacrossewi