Relay for Life “Barn Flag” Fundraising Event – Platteville

Raising Money for a good cause at The Ticket. This is the second Fundraising Event for Relay for Life of Grant Co. Wi. with Crystal’s Crusaders. The “Barn Flag” drawing has its challenges but that did not stop the guests from doing a fantastic job creating their masterpieces. The night included many laughs, dirty faces, and talent. Thanks to The Ticket and the Bartender Marla. This was a great opportunity to fundraise with great people in a great town. Thank you from Charcoal Expressions LLC and Artist Robert Gorder #letsgetdrawing and

Relay For Life “Hyde’s Mill” Drawing Event

Raising Money for a good cause at Pioneer Lanes for Relay for Life – Crystal’s Crusaders or Relay For Life of Grant County. The night of dirty drawing with Charcoal Expressions LLC was fantastic including many great jokes, spilled beer, concentration, falling pencils, beer drinking straws, and smiles. There was not a dull moment in the night while drawing “Hyde’s Mill”. The guests listened very well and followed directions perfectly, well maybe perfectly. Everyone did a fantastic job, thank you. Hats of the the paparazzi guided by Lexi Jenna . #letsgetdrawing

Mulligan’s in Oregon “Barn Flag” Drawing Experience

Mulligan’s in Oregon is always a great venue filled with great guests and great staff. The Barn Flag drawing clearly has its challenges with those 50 stars but all in all the Guests did a fantastic job. It was an honorable night being Amy Sickinger birthday and the two wonderful staff members of Mulligan’s got to draw after watching the last 6 months. Thanks Mulligan’s #letsgetdrawing