Welcome to Charcoal Expressions

Providing Group Entertainment through Self Expressive and Instructed Charcoal Drawing Classes at Local Establishments




Experience the Fun

This is a new and exciting opportunity to get together with friends and family at a local establishment to grab a drink and some food while being encouraged to complete your own matted drawing to take home with you at the end of the event. Artist Robert Gorder will guide you step by step. No Drawing Experience Needed.





Drawing with Charcoal offers multiple layers of texture and depth. This class will teach you the art of subtraction using an eraser to essentially erase the picture out of charcoal instead of drawing it. Charcoal is very corrective, forgiving, and movable.






Drawing Events

Charcoal Expressions will provide entertainment in the form of basic drawing classes at local establishments while promoting self-expression, allowing customers to leave the event with a personally drawn piece of art. Let’s Get Dirty! No Drawing Experience Needed, all events are guided step by step with Artist Robert Gorder.

Great Places-Great Atmosphere   – Sit-Rub-Draw-Erase-Drink – Repeat as needed.


Our Mission

Charcoal Expressions will provide outstanding services to its customers by encouraging self-expression through charcoal drawings. Instructor Robert Gorder will demonstrate patience, proper step-by-step instructions, and encourage a relaxed, fun atmosphere.